While it may be snowy and cold in Chicago, the reality is that spring (and spring decluttering) is just around the corner. What better way to usher in the new season than freshening up the inside of your home as new life begins to bloom outside?

Many people hear the term “decluttering” and immediately find themselves overwhelmed. There is too much to do. It takes too much time. Where do I even start?

With a plan of action and the right frame of mind, a spring refresh can actually decrease your stress and anxiety and help you find more enjoyment in your home.

These 10  tips will give you the opportunity to truly see each closet and room, purge, declutter, and open up more real estate. By the end of the process, I hope you feel a sense of freedom from “stuff” and find a renewed love for your home.

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1. Download a Spring Decluttering Checklist

You can find many great spring decluttering checklists online, such as on Pinterest. No need to reinvent the wheel. Take a few minutes to explore the lists that are already out there. 

Once you find something that works for you, download it, print it, and have it handy throughout the decluttering and organizing process. Better yet, find a pen or marker you love and cross items off.

2. Start with Small, Easy Decluttering Wins

You don’t have to tackle the biggest jobs first. Even seemingly small changes can make a big difference. In fact, I highly suggest that you start with an easy win to build momentum. Some ideas for easy wins:

  • Declutter a junk drawer
  • Declutter a small closet
  • Reduce the amount of items displayed on your shelves and surfaces by 50%

By removing clutter, your space will feel lighter and even larger. And once you see just how simple and rewarding spring decluttering can be, you will find yourself eager to tackle the next drawer, closet, or room of your home. 

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3. Change Out Your Decor

Seasonal changes can lift your spirits and freshen up the rooms of your house. Remove winter decor and add in touches of spring. Swap out frayed towels, buy fresh linens or pillows for your bed, and even add fresh flowers. These changes can breathe new life into a space that feels worn out.

4. Set a Timer for Your Spring Decluttering

While some people may choose to tackle their whole house in a single weekend, I recommend breaking it up into more manageable tasks. I tell my clients to set a timer and work on decluttering for one hour per day. 

One hour is long enough to make progress, but not so long that you get tired of the process or find yourself unmotivated to keep going. 

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5. Prepare Spring Decluttering Supplies Ahead of Time

To help keep the process easy, create a bin or caddy that can be moved from room to room. Include organizing supplies and garbage bags for items being purged. By having your needed supplies at the ready, you don’t have to waste any of your allotted time gathering items. You can simply dive in and start getting things done. 

6. Schedule For Accountability

Another suggestion that can help you hold yourself accountable is to set up donation pick-ups for each week of the month so that the items you’re purging don’t take up too much space in the garage. If you know someone is coming to pick up your things, you are more likely to stay on track so that you have everything ready to go when they arrive. (You also won’t be tempted to bring the stuff back into your home!)

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7. Imagine Your Spring Decluttering Done

What does it feel like? Are you able to enjoy your home more when it feels clean, decluttered, organized, and refreshed? Ask yourself these questions along the way. Visualizing not only how the space looks, but also how it feels is great motivation to stay on track. 

8. Create a System to Maintain Your Organized Spaces

Remember, rearranging your stuff is not organizing. Make sure to sort, purge, assign a home for items, etc. Splurge on some organizing products and containers that will help keep your home in order. 

I find that clients willing to invest in the right products are more likely to maintain their spaces long term.  Label bins and create systems to help you maintain your space. By taking the time to do it the right way the first time, you will save yourself time and energy down the road. And you will reach your goal of a neat, organized, and tidy home much faster. 

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9. Schedule Regular Decluttering Maintenance

Your house is decluttered and organized, you’ve checked off everything on your spring decluttering to-do list, and you are loving how your home looks and feels…wonderful! Now it is time to put a system in place that will help you maintain all of that hard work. 

Print out a blank calendar and write in daily, weekly, or monthly tasks. Set goals for yourself. What do you need to do in order to stay on top of the clutter? What can you do on a regular basis that will keep you from having to start the process over next spring? 

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10. Download My “Get Organized in 2020” eBook 

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