Every family needs a command center in their home! A command center is like a central hub where each person can connect with daily activities, find out what’s for dinner, and track all those “to do’s” that happen on a daily or weekly basis. While there are endless options out there to DIY a command center, I think it’s important that the option you chose not only functions well for your family, but is also a beautiful piece of art for your home. Let’s be real here…if it’s going to be located in a high traffic area where family and guests can see it, why not have a system that you are proud to show off and that fits into the aesthetics of your home! Enter the 1Thrive Command Centers! *Make sure you read all the way to the bottom of this post for my exclusive 10% off code!

The 1Thrive Command Center can help you command and plan your life.
The Taylor Model from 1Thrive.

What is 1Thrive?

1Thrive is a company that creates customizable command centers that are interchangeable, stylish, and easy to install. With their centers, you are able to centralize family information, plan activities, and track tasks and goals. Each of their command centers has a female name and I chose the Taylor model to fit into this nook in our home (why isn’t there a “Jenny” though?). With each different model, you can chose from magnetic boards, file holders, a blackboard, a cork board, cork strips, hooks, and buckets to ensure the end result is a product that best fits your family’s needs.

Each command center is stylish and customizable.
Each 1Thrive center is customizable so you can create a center that functions best for YOUR family!

Organizing in Style

1Thrive offers several accessories with their command centers so you can customize your center. I chose to add a custom decal to our command center because I wanted our family’s last name to be displayed. The base, however, is magnetic so you can certainly stylize your center to your liking. Additional accessories include over the door hooks, buckets, mail storage, and markers. Each command center comes with two liquid chalk markers, but you can order additional markers in a rainbow of colors. These are the only markers you’ll want to use on your 1Thrive command center’s black and white boards. These markers will not rub off by mistake and clean up easily with water and paper towels. And, to make your center even more family friendly, you can accessorize with magnetic clips and push pins found in their Kids Toolkit!

Ordering and Installing Your 1Thrive Command Center

Ordering your command center from 1Thrive is a very simple. The website walks you through the process to customize your selection, but there is a help button if needed. I’ve found their customer service to be speedy and helpful. After I placed my order, my command center arrived to my home in less than a week. The custom decal did come separately, however, a few weeks later. My husband and I installed the base of the command center in less than 20 minutes. From there, I just added each component where I wanted it and voila, we were ready to command our family life!

Ordering and installing your command center is an easy process.
Ordering and installing your 1Thrive Command Center is very easy!

Getting Organized

One thing I tell my clients when we organize is they need to find what works for them and then create a system. For our family, we like to use a digital calendar, so I didn’t want a command center that included a calendar. Our command center will be used for “outside the box” weekly activities that require additional reminders such as call a friend, send a birthday present, prepare taxes, etc. We also plan to use our command center for doctor appointment reminder cards and other tasks that need to be front and center so they are not forgotten. You may find that a family calendar is critical for your busy family because there are multiple pick ups and drops offs that require everyone’s attention. Or perhaps you’ll use the calendar to track chores for your children, a potty training reward system, or your exercise plan and goals for 2021. Whatever it is, you can see that the 1Thrive command centers are customizable for your family and your lifestyle!

Families can use their command center for multiple purposes.
Create a center and a system that works for you and your family!

Meeting the Needs of Today’s Family

Life has changed a lot over the past year. We have transitioned into a family that potentially works and schools for home. While we hope to go back to “normal” one day, most likely virtual living is here to stay to some extent. The 1Thrive command centers are perfect for high traffic areas in your home, but they can also be used in your home or off-site office and your children’s bedrooms. Teaching kids good organizing techniques will surely have positive outcomes for them as they grow and become more independent. 1Thrive offers family packs for the purpose of meeting individual and family needs!

An Exclusive Discount Code

I truly believe that the 1Thrive command centers are a quality product and because of this I have partnered with them to provide you with an exclusive 10% off coupon code. When checking out, use my code JENNY10 to save 10% off your entire order! Getting organized is always great, but doing it when you can save money is even better, right?!

Full Disclosure: As a 1Thrive Ambassador, I participate in a paid partnership program. I do receive a small commission when you purchase 1Thrive products with my code.

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