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The Nashville Collection

While it might be booming now, Nashville has historically been a more rural area. The housing trend in the Nashville area leans towards a farmhouse look and that’s what you’ll get with my Nashville product bundles. Products in this bundle consist of neutral colors and rustic elements with natural texture. With the Nashville bundle, your space will have a warm, cozy, and traditional feel for you to enjoy!

The Chicago Collection

Chicago, the city of skyscrapers, is known for its architecture and industrial vibe. Aesthetically, Chicago brings to mind images of sleek, swanky, and sophisticated urban style. The products in this bundle are modern with clean lines and minimal texture. The integrated colors are the cool black and grey shades of Chicago winters. If you crave this clean line aesthetic, the Chicago bundle is for you! 

The San Francisco Collection

San Francisco is consistently ranked as one of the most environmentally-friendly cities when it comes to lifestyle and policies. If you tend to follow a green lifestyle, the San Francisco collection is for you! The sourced products are bamboo, wood, or other renewable elements. This bundle is perfect for someone who wants to enjoy their an environment that is eco-friendly with a smaller environmental footprint to put less stress on Earth. 


I took all the product shopping confusion out of the equation and curated three unique aesthetic “looks” that contain all the organizing products you need to organize your pantry. If you gravitate towards a “farmhouse” style, then the Nashville collection is right for you! If you are drawn to a more “modern/industrial” style, then the Chicago package would be the best fit for you! Finally, if you lean in the direction of a more “earthy/sustainable” style, then the San Francisco bundle is right for you! I have pre-selected all of the products you’ll need to organize your pantry with each style board to ensure that you get the look you’re going for without the exhaustive search.

Purchase your style board of bundled organizing products and immediately after purchasing look for a friendly email from me! Your email will contain links to all of the products within your design bundle, plus a downloadable PDF that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to organize your pantry.

Follow the steps, measure your space, purchase your products, and organize! Finally, enjoy the organized pantry of your dreams!

Why DIY?

With your bundle, you will be able to enjoy your pantry in a way you never imagined possible!

You can confidently entertain your friends and family in a space you love and feel proud of because you did it YOURSELF!

These curated products create a cohesive look to match your design preference.

It’s a great way to save time and money as you will have purchased the most functional organizing products from the start.

The right products will help you keep your pantry organized long-term.

If you need a little extra help, with your purchase, you have the option to add a one hour virtual consultation to complete your space. In that time, I’ll help you measure your space, determine product placement, identify how many products you should purchase, and give pro tips tailored to your unique pantry!

Let me help YOU get organized! 

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