You’ve heard the term the seven habits of highly effective people; well today I present to you the five habits of highly organized people.  Studies show that clutter and disorganization cause stress and anxiety.  Therefore, based on this information, I’d argue that highly organized people are more likely to be less distracted and stressed, while more focused, productive, and content.  Really, who doesn’t want to feel that they are getting stuff done all while being relaxed and focused on the moment?  If this sounds good to you, read on to learn how to incorporate these habits into your daily routine!

Small Tasks Every Day Lead to the Bigger Picture

Organized people know that one of the keys to their success is breaking down an organizing project into smaller chunks.  You wouldn’t arrive at an airport for vacation with out suitcases packed, a destination in mind, and a travel plan, right (although that does sound sort of fun!)?  No, of course not.  You would plan out all the details of your trip; so that once you are there you can enjoy yourself.  The same is true with organizing!  Every organizing project should be broken down into smaller, more doable chunks that add up to the big picture.  On a daily basis, organized people also spend a small chunk of time on maintaining their spaces.  A few examples include:  washing dishes after each meal, opening the mail each day, and putting clothes away at night.  By spending a few minutes organizing each day (a small chunk), organized people avoid having to organize a larger cluttered space all at one time. 

Spending time each day processing your mail will keep you more organized!

Pro Tip:  Keep a basket at the top and bottom of your stairs and fill it with the items that belong in other spaces in your home.  Also, never leave a room without taking with you the items that don’t belong there and need to be returned to another space.

Keeping Everyday Items in a Home

Have you heard the phrase “a home for everything and everything in its place?”  This means that each item in a house must have a designated “home” where it lives.  Organized people have assigned homes to every item in the house so they know where to find the item when it’s needed.  Certainly, items may come out of their home and be “guests” in another area, but organized people take the time to return the item back to their home within a reasonable amount of time.  Additionally, organized people understand that clutter results from postponed decisions.  This means that clutter is the result of a person not making a decision on where at item should live.  As a result, an organized person will make an impactful decision on a home versus letting the item become clutter.

Reduce clutter and stay organized by returning items to their “home.”

Pro Tip:  You too can discover the trick to assigning “homes” to your stuff.  Here’s how:  create effective zones by deciding the proximity of the item to the space where it’s most often used and always remembering to maximize your vertical space in every room and closet!

Masters of Routines

Do you have a specific day of the week for laundry?  How about paying bills?  When do you meal plan and grocery shop?  Organized people have routines in place because it just makes life easier!  Organized people know that these routines provide structure to the day, keep them focused, and make them highly effective at getting things done. 

Get organized by setting up a system for meal planning.

Pro Tip:  Think about what systems you can create in your life that will help you during your daytime, evening, and weekend.

The Ultimate To Do List

Organized people not only love writing lists, they utilize very effective lists.  The important lesson here is to create lists that are meaningful and schedule time to follow up on the list.  For example, these are typical lists that you will see with an organized person:  grocery, phone calls, home repairs, errands, and appointments to schedule or attend.  And, here’s the best part, organized people review these lists on a regular basis, especially in the evening as they prepare for the following day.  This allows the organized person to prioritize their activities for the day, batch tasks together, and block time during the day to follow through on the tasks.   If you’re interested in reading more about maximizing your productivity, check out my blog post “Top Five Time Management Techniques to Maximize Productivity” HERE.

Lists are an organized person’s best friend!

Purge Regularly

Organized people continuously purge items from their homes.  They understand that excess items become a burden when they need to assign homes and return items to their homes.  They also know that it’s easier to get what they need when they need it when excess items are not cluttering up a space.  This saves time and that time can be better well spent on activities the organized person enjoys.  Organized people set up a system to purge on a regular basis with a plan in place for accomplishing this task.  Organized people also know that duplicate items for the most part are unnecessary and again stress the environment.  In the end, these individuals are content with less, express gratitude for fewer items, and find more joy in what remains.

Purging regularly helps organized people find what they need when they need it.

Know this, you too can be a more organized person if you are vested in the process and the journey.  Pick one of these habits and practice it for one week before introducing another habit.  In a little over a month, you will be living a more organized life and reaping the benefits. 

For more information and to get you started, check out these helpful blog posts “How to Organize any Space in Your Home” and “Secrets Professional Organizers Use to Help Clients Purge Items from the Home.”

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