When I first started my business, I provided one type of service to my clients and that was through in-home organizing services. This is still the primary method of my business. Over time, however, and with the advances in social media and the growing use of Zoom, I’ve realized that my services are not limited by geography or project scope. What I mean by this is, by utilizing the right technology, there are many ways that I can help people get organized. What I love about this concept is that by expanding my platform of services, I can more easily share my mission of making home organization achievable for the everyday mom and family. You might be wondering then regardless of where you live, what your budget is, and what your organizing project and goals are…how can I help you? Keep reading and let me explain!

Virtual organizing allows me to help you get organized no matter where you live!

Let’s Chat About Virtual Consultations

My hands-on organizing services are limited to the Nashville area, but my virtual services lets me help clients get organized regardless of geography. Similar to my hands-on services organizing services, each new client will have the benefit of a complimentary, exploratory phone call as well as a review of a detailed intake form. Via a personalized link, the client will upload photos of the project. After reviewing all of this information and the pictures, we will set up the consultation via Zoom. During the Zoom call, we will discuss your goals, budget, and timeframe and I will guide you on where/how to take measurements of your space. Soon after our call, you’ll receive a custom action plan for your space that includes organizing product recommendations. I believe virtual services are perfect for someone that is motivated and a self starter, but someone that also needs direction, step by step instructions that are custom to your particular space, and/or an accountability partner. In short, I help you reach your goals by outlining a plan, giving you the resources and product suggestions you need for your unique space, and providing the follow up to make sure you reach your goals. But, when it’s all said and done, you do the actual hands-on work!

Let’s Chat DIY

Let’s say you are one of the thousands of individuals that have jumped on the DIY train, then this is the organizing option for you! While not as much of a custom approach as my hands-on and virtual services, if you are looking for a more budget friendly option and you value and enjoy organizing, and have the time to devote to it, my Curated Home™|DIY Organizing Bundles may be the perfect organizing solution for you! My bundles will help you stop feeling confused about where/how to start and what organizing products to buy. All you need to do is choose a room and a design to organize!

The Nashville Closet has a farmhouse vibe.

I took all the product shopping confusion out of the equation and curated three unique aesthetic “looks” that contain all the organizing products you need to organize your pantry, playroom, or closet. If you gravitate towards a “farmhouse” style, then the Nashville collection is right for you! If you are drawn to a more “modern/industrial” style, then the Chicago collection would be the best fit for you! Finally, if you lean in the direction of a more “earthy/sustainable” style, then the San Francisco collection is right for you! I have pre-selected all of the products you’ll need to organize your space with each style board to ensure that you get the look you’re going for without the exhaustive search.

When you purchase your style board of bundled organizing products, you will immediately receive a friendly email from me! Your email will contain links to all of the products within your design bundle, plus a PDF to download that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to organize your pantry/playroom/closet DIY style.

Follow the steps, measure your space, purchase your products, and organize! Finally, enjoy the organized pantry, playroom, and/or closet of your dreams! You can even mix and match styles across all three spaces.

Let’s Chat Social Media

If you’re just looking for the latest organizing info, look no further than my social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram, and Pinterest. Almost everyday I’m sharing all the organizing tips, tricks, and hacks to give you ideas and inspire your organizing journey. I’d love to see you like, comment on, and share my posts so I can engage with you on my organizing content. I recently added a shop on my Instagram profile so you can easily shop my Curated Home™|DIY Organizing bundles!

Let’s Chat About LiketoKnow.it

Are you familiar with the Liketoknow.it app? Once you download the app, you can follow Organized by Jenny. Each of my posts contain links to the very same and similar organizing products that I’ve used in my photos. With a few clicks, you can easily shop and purchase the products from these links and recreate the “look” in your home!

Let’s Chat About My Amazon Store

Brand new to the Organized by Jenny platform is my very own Amazon Store! By clicking here, you’ll see all of my favorite organizing products available on Amazon. I’ve simply taken the products that I use and love for myself and clients and created a shopping list organized by room. Needing a certain bin for your garage or kitchen? On the hunt for something that will make your bathroom more functional? Then choose what a professional would pick by shopping from the products I’ve selected for my store. Most of the products are available through Prime so you can get your organizing products and start organizing quickly!

How can Organized by Jenny best help you?

As you can see, whether through my virtual or DIY platform, or through following me on social media, or by shopping links I share in my Instagram Shop, the Liketoknow.it app, or in my Amazon Store, there are many ways that I can help you get organized. What is the best option for you? What questions do you have for me? What types of content would you like to see more of? Message me here and let me know! I look forward to hearing from you!

*Full disclosure, I earn a small commission on items purchased via my links on Amazon and Liketoknow.it.

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