Summer is officially over as the calendar flipped to fall this past weekend. This means the beach balls are deflated, the swimming pools drained, and the campfire extinguished. While I will miss the long, warm days of summer, I can’t cry over spilled milk, or in this case, pumpkin spice latte, for long because it’s time to get all the fall organizing projects started! Here’s a list of the best organizing projects dedicated to the flavor of the fall season.

Organize Your Kitchen

The holidays will be upon us very soon ,which means lot of time spent in the kitchen preparing food, cooking, and cleaning. When was the last time you organized your kitchen? Are items in good homes to promote proper flow? Keep items you use the most at eye level which means the ice cream bowls can go on a higher shelf and the hot chocolate mugs can come on down.

Organize Your Guest Room

Do you anticipate guests staying with you for the upcoming holiday season? If so, use this time to get the guest room decluttered and organized for your guests.   Since this room tends to be used so seldom, it can attract items that don’t belong, but also don’t have a true “home.” Sort, purge, and declutter the space, add fresh linens and other necessities, and clear space in the closet as well.

Organize Your Summer Essentials

By this time, our backyards are fizzled out from the hot summer and busy back to school schedules. Collect and clean the flower pots, outdoor furniture, and umbrellas/pillows. Discard anything that is stained or in poor condition. Store everything in the garage or shed in labeled containers. Following through on these steps means a more enjoyable spring and summer six months down the road.

Organize Your Hall Closet

This is an easy win! Take a few minutes to remove flip flops, sunscreen, bug spray, and other beach/pool items and clear room for hats, mittens, and boots. Add a boot tray near the main entrance for rainy, snowy boots to land in a designated home.   Before it gets too cold, take winter coats to the dry cleaners and wash accessories as needed.   Did you read the August blog post on back to school organizing? If you haven’t already done so, use this month to inventory what items your child may need for winter, such as coats, hats, mittens, boots, etc. Bonus…if your child has a fall birthday, these items can make perfect birthday gifts!

Organize the Master Bedroom Closet

Depending on the size of your closet and its contents, this project will likely require a good investment of your time. Do not attempt to organize this space in 20 minutes. That will result in frustration and procrastination. Set aside a weekend day or the entire weekend. Most of us wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time, so be honest with yourself about what you did and didn’t wear this summer, what may be out of style, doesn’t fit, or is in poor condition and purge appropriately.   Take inventory of fall/winter clothes and accessories and purchase what you need accordingly. This will hopefully prevent a classic case of a disorganized closet…too many items for the capacity of the space. Finally, consider which organizing products are best for the space to help you maximize very inch!

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