Recently, I announced on social media that my family and I will be moving to the Nashville, TN area in late May. Although we have been in the planning stages for many months, I did not make this public knowledge and I know it surprised many clients and referral partners. Since the announcement, I’ve had several recurring questions come my way and I figured that if a few people were asking, then likely these would be questions that many of you would like answered too.

How Did You Pick Nashville?

There are many reasons why we chose to move to Music City. To start with, we were looking for a warmer climate where we could be outside more often during the year, either as a family of four or with our dogs too. Being outside is very important to me. It makes my heart happy and makes me feel alive. Beyond the weather, we felt that Nashville checked all the boxes of what we were looking for: beautiful scenery, good schools, affordable living, and as mentioned, an outdoor lifestyle. If you haven’t been to Nashville, I highly suggest you take a trip soon. There is an energy in the city that is unlike anything I have experienced before. My husband and I knew we wanted to be a part of the energy and it just felt like “home.”

Can You Give Me Any Tips on How You Are Organizing Your Move?

As I mentioned, we have been planning this move for months. The best tips that I can give you are:

  • Give yourself lots of time
  • Organize your move into layers

When I start working with clients I always ask them, “what is your timeline?” My recommendation is to add on a few extra months for a buffer and then work backwards from your timeline. For example, we knew we wanted to move in late May/June. I worked backwards from this goal and established dates for the layers described in the next paragraph, while building in plenty of cushion. In this case, our cushion came in handy with the obstacles we faced selling/moving during a pandemic!

What do I mean by layers? Basically, I create a master list of everything that needs to happen to prep for a move and create a deadline for each layer or phase to be completed in order to move on to the next layer and ultimately to reach the move time frame. Here are the layers or phases that I established for our move:

  • Initial declutter/donation of unwanted items – November/December 2019
  • Staging the home for photography – January 2020
  • Work with realtor to list/market home – February 2020
  • Look for a home in the Nashville area – March 2020
  • Close on our house in Schaumburg – April 2020
  • Pack for move and contact all necessary vendors – April/May 2020

There are many other tips that I’ve shared in previous blog posts regarding staging and moving. To check those out, click HERE and HERE.

What’s Happening with Abrams Home Solutions When You Move?

Again, since we have been planning this move for months, I’ve had a lot of time to visualize and create a long term strategy for the continued success of my company. There are some very exciting plans on the horizon and I can share a few of these plans with you now:

  • Effective June 1, I will be running my company virtually for all current and future Chicago area clients. All previous services of organizing, move management/downsizing, and staging will continue. Each client will work with me for strategy sessions, planning, and scheduling. Hands on services will be handled by my team members Lois and Michaela (see bios below).
  • I will be expanding my business and offering organizing services in the Nashville area.
  • Effective April 2020, I began offering virtual organizing and staging strategy sessions for clients regardless of where they live. See more information on virtual services in THIS post.
  • To further launch my virtual platform, in the coming months I will be offering a membership program that is geared towards busy moms who want to get organized.
  • Finally, my book “Get Organized: A Busy Mom’s Guide to Organizing Your Household” will be published and available on Amazon in May 2020.

Who Are Your Team Members?

In the fall of 2019, I was fortunate enough to bring two remarkable women on to my team. We have been working together now for several months and I have complete faith that both of these women will continue to provide the same level of service, expertise, and compassion that clients and referral partners have come to know and expect. Regardless of my location, however, we work as one team or unit and I will be actively involved in every client project. Let’s meet the team!


“After graduating from the University of Iowa, I was both excited and overwhelmed by the many directions that life could take me. I had multiple interests, but no passions, at least that’s what I thought until I stumbled into the world of organizing! I was always good at keeping myself organized, but had never realized that I could use that skill to help others. I met Jenny and started working for Abrams Home Solutions as an intern and eventually, I became part of the organizing team!”


“I am a life-long furniture re-arranger who also lives and breathes organizing. Receiving my Accredited Staging Professional designation focused my energies and rounded out my home designing education. I live in the Northwest Suburbs with my husband and the sweetest cat ever. There are only a few other things that bring me as much joy as decluttering, organizing and decorating!”

Thank You!

To conclude this post, I just want to extent a heartfelt thank you to all of my friends, family, clients, and referral partners who have supported my business and this transition! While some aspects of our move are bittersweet, I’m very excited for this new adventure. Please keep following along and as always, reach out anytime and let me know how I can best help YOU!

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