Last week I was walking through my backyard and was so excited to see little green buds pushing up through the dirt. When I see this sign, coupled with the time change and longer day light hours, I know spring is here! When I think spring, I think of spring cleaning and of course, spring organizing! Many of us feel that spring is a season of renewal and it’s definitely a great time to freshen up and renew spaces in your home too. In honor of the spring season, here are several great organizing projects perfectly suited for the flavor of the season!

Organize Bedroom Closets

Declutter last season’s clothes and create space for the current season’s clothes.

Goodbye sweaters, hello short sleeve shirts and lighter, breezier clothes! This is a great time to go through your closet, sort items into categories and purge what you didn’t wear all season. Most likely you have your favorite items you wear 80% of the time, so it’s okay to say goodbye to what you didn’t wear, what you don’t like, and what doesn’t fit. Clear space for new spring clothes and accessories, especially if you have children that grow out of clothing every season.

Organize Paper

An organized system for paper helps you prepare for tax season!

Did you catch last month’s blog post on organizing paper? Click HERE to catch up on those tips. I’m adding this to this blog post because April 15th is tax day and I want you to be prepared for NEXT year’s taxes. Putting a system in place now means you can pull your documents together next year in a few minutes and happily hand everything over to your accountant.   Establish a “home” for all tax related documents. If a document could go into two “homes,” such as a property tax bill, make a copy when you pay it. Place one copy in the “home” for tax documents and one in the “home” where you would normally save it.

Organize Gardening Supplies

March is a great time to organize a shed and gardening supplies!

Flowers are one of the things that make me the happy! Even though I don’t have a green thumb, I do have a few supplies for planting spring and summer flowers. I also have a shed that hasn’t been opened since last October. The next warm weekend, take an afternoon to clean up your gardening supplies, take stock of what you have, what you need, and decide if you like how these items are stored and how you may want to reorganize this spring. If this is one of your favorite hobbies, imagine how much more you will enjoy it when it’s organized!

Organize Summer Schedules for Kids

Get a head start on organizing your summer schedule!

Did I just say organize summer schedules? Yes, I did because now is the time that camp schedules come out for the summer months. If you wait too long, camps may be at capacity and you won’t get your first choice. Also, think about if you are taking any vacations or other special “bucket list” items that you like to do each summer. Getting a head start insures that you have great moments to remember at the end of the summer!

Organize a Mudroom Closet

Organize a space in your closet for rainy day supplies!

Pack up the mittens, hats, and scarves, declutter the closet by sorting and purging, and organize a rainy day section of the closet that contains umbrellas and rain boots. I can guarantee you that an organized mudroom closet leads to more efficient, stress free mornings. If you are short on space, get creative with a door organizer, hooks, and shoe storage.

Which of these projects will you start first?  Do you have ideas for other spring organizing projects?  If you liked this post, check out my ideas for winter organizing HERE, fall organizing HERE, and summer organizing HERE.  Happy Spring!

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