A worldwide pandemic has certainly shaken things up this year to say the least. This holiday season I know many of you are trying to focus on what you do have, the blessings in your life, versus the difficulties this year has presented. With that being said, now more than ever we want to show our loved ones (both near and far) what they mean to us especially if we cannot celebrate together this year. Am I right? But, you don’t need to bestow upon them gifts of clutter, an item that will just be forgotten about a few months into 2021. This year, I suggest giving the gift of organization which is a gift that will stand the test of time in terms of usefulness and efficiency. Give the gift that will make someone’s life just a little bit easier which translates to a sigh of relief and a smile on their face! My gift to you is TEN of the best gifts to give to help that special someone in your life kick off 2021 in the best way possible…organized!

The First Six

Number One: Every organized person lives by their planner. While some prefer a digital planner, there certainly are others that live by paper and pencil. When buying a paper planner, make sure there is adequate space on each page to write in one’s activities, along with space for future tasks and notes. The planner featured here is from Erin Condren’s line. Erin speaks to the heart of the organized person (or someone who wants to get organized) by offering lots of colorful styles and customization. Side note: She also offers wall organization boards + accessories, notebooks, and desk accessories. Another great place to look for planners is Etsy.

Number Two: Do you know what packing cubes are? These cubes are from Amazon and they make packing, unpacking, and traveling a breeze. These cubes keep clothing categories separated and wrinkle free and bonus, they help you maximize the space of your luggage. This is just one example of many that are available with a quick search. These are definitely on my wish list this year!

Number Three: Every pro organizer knows the value of a good label! It’s the icing on our organized cake! This is the labeler that I own and while there are definitely more advanced ones on the market, I prefer the ease and hand friendly style of this one. Another great gift idea are custom, vinyl labels that come in a variety of fonts + colors on Amazon and Etsy. A simple search will reveal so many beautiful options.

Number Four: You didn’t think I’d put together a gift guide without recommending my own book, right? My book is an easy to read, easy to follow guide to getting you organized no matter where you fall on the organizing continuum. Get one for yourself while you’re at it so you can get organized with your besties!

Number Five: Tangled necklaces, bracelets, and one off earrings be gone with a jewelry organizer! For your friend that loves bauble + bling, gift her a system to contain and organize all of her jewelry. This stacker is from The Container Store and their website showcases many options to organize jewelry, including this unique over the door organizer.

Number Six: How fun + functional is this purse organizer? I’m pretty sure you’ll make any busy mom happy with this gift because every mom gets frustrated by purse clutter! Image her face lighting up each time she reaches into her purse only to find…exactly what she needs when she needs it! Yep, that’s the beauty of this gift since it truly keeps on giving each day!

The Next Four

Number Seven: Have you ever gotten into your friend’s car and they had to throw everything from the passenger’s seat into the trunk and you wondered if they actually do live in their car? Well, cluttered car mess begone with a handy car organizer. This one from Amazon has lots of compartments and comes with adjustable straps to keep everything neatly in place. Any “on the go” person will appreciate this gift because groceries, sports equipment, kleenex/wipes, etc are all within reach!

Number Eight: Similar to the planner above, you’ll always find an organized person with their daily to do list. I love that this one allows you to list your top three goals/priorities, your gratitude list, and includes a self care section too. Nothing is as satisfying as crossing off items on a to do list! #truth

Number Nine: In 2020, charging devices in every house in America is a given and that can come with its fair share of tangled wires. With this handy product, tangled wires and clutter is a thing of the past. You can charge up to six devices with this charging station. With more family members working and schooling from home, I definitely think this gift will keep counters clear and every family sane!

Number Ten: I think I saved the best for last! This year, more than ever, I think we’ve learned what matters most…experiences and time with our family and friends. Giving the gift of organization through an Organized by Jenny Egift card is the perfect gift because it provides your friend or family member with an experience that truly keeps on giving. Plus by helping your family/friend get organized, you’re essentially gifting them time…time to be less stressed, time to focus on what matters to them, and time to be with their loved ones (instead of sorting through clutter). Organized by Jenny Egift cards can be purchased here online and the Egift card will be sent by email to the giver to gift to the recipient or directly to the recipient. You can gift a hands on consultation, a virtual consultation, or a larger amount to cover a full hands on organization transformation! Please contact me here with any questions about Organized by Jenny Egift cards!

Happy holidays from my organized family to your organized family! Cheers to an organized New Year!

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