Do you remember the song from The Sound of Music, “These are a Few of My Favorite Things?” As I was writing this blog post, this song kept going through my head! In previous posts, I’ve talked a lot about how to organize spaces in your home, but I realized I haven’t spent too much time telling you about my favorite products to use when organizing. Using the right organizing products is an important part of the organizing process. Most organizers will agree that you are more likely to maintain your space long term if you invest in product that is beautiful, functional, and fits your space’s dimensions. If you’re nodding your head, let’s jump right in! I’ve broken this blog into two sections: pantry staples and pantry bins/baskets.

Pantry Staples

Nope, I’m not talking about the food staples you keep in your pantry. I’m talking here about my ride or die organizing products that I use in almost every pantry that I organize.

First up, is the lazy susan. Lazy susans come in several varieties. You can have one tier or two, divided or undivided, and all different colors and sizes. In general, lazy susans work well for sauces, spreads, and cooking oils. With a simple turn, you can easily see all of the items which reduces the chance of food getting lost and hiding in the back of the pantry.

Lazy susans are a pantry essential.

Pull out drawers or gliders are another pantry staple. These babies help bring everything closer to you instead of pushing food aside to find out what’s lurking in the back. In this example, I used these drawers for bread as well as kids’ snacks (not pictured), but other useful options are endless.

Drawers and gliders are great for grab and go items!

Next up, are decanting containers. Similar to lazy susans, decanting containers come in a zillion sizes and shapes. You can typically buy these in multiples of either the same size or various sizes. Deciding first what you plan on decanting will help you chose which product(s) you select. The benefit of this pantry staple is that you can clearly see what you have and how much. The end result is you’ll reduce over shopping and over spending. Plus, bonus, your food will stay fresher, longer!

Decanting containers helps you save money and keeps your food fresher, longer!

Finally, some pantries are deep, yet the shelves are on the shorter side resulting in wasted wall space. The picture below shows how to solve this problem by adding additional baskets to the wall for more food storage (you can also use this type of product on the back of the pantry door as well). This type of product is very customizable so you can chose the amount and size of your baskets as well as the color and style (wire versus mesh).

Baskets on the side or on the door helps you take advantage of every inch of space.

Pantry Bins and Baskets

Bins and baskets are essential to a well organized pantry. Before purchasing, consider your budget, the measurements of the space, and your overall design preference. Do you prefer clear, opaque, or white bins? Are you going for an all white pantry or do you fancy a more organic/natural look? Additionally, what’s your jam: sleek/smooth lines or textured? Take a look at some of the examples below and then follow me on Pinterest and Instagram for even more inspiration!

These brown baskets add texture to the pantry.
Before purchasing, consider the measurements of the space, your budget, and your design preference.
Clear bins help you see exactly what is inside each category.
These white baskets come in various sizes to accommodate the inventory of your pantry categories.

Investing time, money, and energy into your pantry will pay off big time in so many ways. First and foremost, you’ll be able to see what you have allowing you to reduce over spending. Second, you’ll be able to better enjoy meal prep and baking which is probably something you’re doing more of in 2020 with all the extra time at home. For more information on pantry organizing, check out my other blog post, A Guide to Organizing Your Pantry, here. And, if you want a detailed list of products that will be selected just for your space, contact me here to discover more about my onsite and virtual organizing services!

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