The kitchen is definitely one space in our home that is used on a daily basis! Keeping the kitchen and refrigerator organized can help with maximizing our efficiency when it comes to meal planning, prep, and cooking. Moreover, if you enjoy entertaining, we all know the kitchen, which includes the pantry and refrigerator, is the heart of the home and an area of our home that is frequently seen by visitors and guests. As a result, good organization creates a more aesthetically pleasing space which makes entertaining that much more enjoyable!

Organizing in the Heart of the Home

Kitchen organization makes meal planning, prep, and cooking more efficient and enjoyable!

Below you’ll find six of my pro tips for getting your kitchen organized! I’ve also linked a recent blog post by Redfin that ties in perfectly with the theme of this post. Redfin’s “Creative Fridge and Pantry Organization Ideas, Straight from the Experts” was published on March 15, 2021 and I was honored to be one of their expert contributors! It’s definitely worth checking out because it’s packed with tips from my pro organizing colleagues from all around the country!

Organization in the kitchen should extend to your fridge and freezer too!
  • Group cookware and cooking items by purpose and designate specific cabinets/drawers.
  • Arrange items in cabinets by frequency of use…everyday items should be located on lower shelves, specialty items should be higher up.
  • Create zones in the kitchen. For example, create a zone to store pots/pans near the stove and Tupperware/plastic wrap near the refrigerator. This will make cooking and storing food more efficient. Add a snack zone in your pantry and keep it on a lower shelf so kids can reach it.
  • Keep all tools together in one drawer or in a counter crock. This will maximize food preparation. If tools are in a drawer, consider using dividers to further organize the space.
  • Make good use of all the handy organizational items available such as lid dividers for pots/pans/baking items, baskets and lazy susans in the pantry to group like food products together, shelf risers for cans/spices, and clear containers for flour and sugar in the pantry or for your food categories in the fridge and freezer.
  • If you’re tight on space, get creative – utilize an over the pantry door organizer for added storage, a cart for more prep space, and try hanging pots and pans on a rack.

Which of these tips is your favorite for organizing your kitchen, pantry, and refrigerator? Remember, click HERE to read Redfin’s article for even more helpful tips! And, whether you’re remodeling your home or have lived there for years, I’d be honored to help you organize your “heart of the home.” Contact me HERE and we can set up an exploratory phone call today!

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