In general, basic organizing principals are the same for both mens and womens items, including clothes. When I organize a space, I follow the same five steps time after time: sort, purge, assign a home, containerize, and maintain. That being said, what can vary amongst men and women clients are the types of items in the space as well as the organizing products selected to contain these items. I’m going to walk you through a closet I recently organized for a male client and point out the reasons I selected the specific products I did to not only maximize the space, but also the aesthetics of his master bedroom closet.

The Client

To give you some background information on this client, he is a single man so that meant the entire closet was dedicated to his clothing and accessories. Additionally, he is a business-owner and wears a lot of suits and formal clothing. He also enjoys bike riding as a hobby and has an extensive collection of bike pants/shorts/shirts. Lastly, he has a dresser in his bedroom where I organized underwear, socks, pajamas, shorts, and lounge clothes. This means that the closet primarily held more formal clothing, shoes, clothes for bike riding, and other miscellaneous accessories.

Selecting the Organizing Products

Regardless of sex, every person’s closet needs a few basic items for organization: slim, matching hangers for shirts and pants, baskets/bins, shoe storage, and drawer dividers. In addition to these items, men will also need organizing products for belts, ties, and possibly other small accessories such as cuff links, watches, etc.

Closet essentials for a men’s closet.

Closet Essentials

The above items are closet essentials for any man’s organized closet and they are all conveniently linked here:

Drawer Divider

Drawer Inserts

Shoe Rack

Shoe Cubbies

Tie Organizer

Belt Organizer

When it comes to selecting baskets or bins for men’s items, I tend to pick ones that have a grey or black color option due to their more modern, masculine vibe. A few examples that come from The Container Store would be: the Grey Montauk bins, the Bigso bins, and the Kiva bins.

This is the “Before” picture of my client’s master bedroom closet.

The Consultation

During my consultation with the client, I measured the existing shelving because the client wanted to utilize what was currently in the closet versus removing and creating more of a custom system. The shelves were only 12″ deep and the distance between the top and bottom shelf was 39″. Taking into consideration that men’s clothes generally hang longer than women’s clothes, I determined that there wouldn’t be space for bins on the lower shelf (only the single shelf and the top shelf). Also considering that pants do not hang as long as shirts if folded over a hanger, I concluded that I would need to hang shirts on the upper bar and pants on the lower bar.

This meant that suits and jackets were going to be placed on the single bar. With only one hanging rod on this side of the closet, I felt that I need to introduce a product so as not to waste the precious real estate space underneath the jackets/suits. This easy to put together drawer system from MDesign fit the bill perfectly with the right dimensions and matching color scheme.

This is the “After” picture of the client’s master bedroom closet.

Hands-on Organizing Day

After the consultation and product selection phase was complete, the client and I scheduled his hands-on organizing day! The client was moving into this new home and determined he would remove the clothes from wardrobe boxes, but that my assistant and I would take it from there. On this big day, my assistant and I sorted the client’s clothes into our necessary categories and hung each item as indicated above in color order, light to dark. When organizing a closet it’s important to hang each item in the same format and in the same direction.

Suits and jackets hang on the single rod with an easy to assemble drawer system below.

Items that could not be hung were file folded into the drawers and/or placed into the bins that we brought to the client’s home. We chose the Bigso bins for the client’s baseball hat collection, but another useful option for hat organization is The Container Store Manhattan bins. We added Montauk bins on the top shelf for the client’s sheets (with a few extras to use in the future as needed) and hung his larger hats on the wall with Command hooks. The hanging drawer organizer was used for pocket squares, belts, gloves, and a few other miscellaneous accessories. The final touch is The Container Store black bin clips with simple, white font vinyl labels created by a Cricket machine.

Shirts and pants should always hang light to dark in the same format and direction. Command hooks are used to hang larger hats.
These bins were chosen for the grey color and masculine vibe.

Curated Home™|DIY Organizing

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