Are you selling your home this spring? If so, there will be a lot of decisions to make. You’ll be thinking about picking a realtor, arranging for a pre-listing inspection with a home inspector, and researching comparable houses in your neighborhood. Sometimes it seems as if many factors when selling a home are outside of your control. Understandably, this can be an overwhelming and stressful time. Let’s turn that perspective around. I’m here to focus on the factors that are in your control. Let’s review three areas where you are in the driver’s seat!

Declutter Your Home

Did you know that 95% of real estate agents recommend that sellers declutter their home before putting it on the market?* Buyers want to picture themselves, not you, living in the home. To declutter, clear a space to work, pull out all the items (from a closet, bookcase, etc), group like with like, and edit out items.

Pro Tip: Edit and then edit some more…personal items such as family photos and collections need to be removed from each room.

Decluttering your home is essential prior to listing.

When editing items from a space, determine if the item is something you plan to keep or disperse from your home. If dispersing, consider if the item will get sold, donated, given to a family member, or added to the recycle/trash pile. If it’s an item you are keeping, decide if you can temporarily live without it. If so, box it up and remove to on or off site storage. If you are having a difficult time with purging items from a room or space, check out my last blog post “Secrets Professional Organizers Use to Help Clients Purge Items from the Home” by clicking HERE.

Lights, Camera, Action

Now that your home is decluttered, it’s time to set the stage by Staging® your home. Staging® your home means you are looking at your home as a property, a commodity, and prepping the home so that it is depersonalized and appeals to the buyer. It’s important to not overlook this critical step. In fact, 85% of Staged homes sell for 6-25% more than unstaged homes.**

Staging your home helps you sell quickly and for top dollar.

Here are several important “C’s” when Staging your home:

  • Clean – inside and outside
  • Clutter free – décor should be on a larger scale and grouped in odd numbers.
  • Color – research colors trending with paint companies and use these colors in décor accessories
  • Creativity – move items around and repurpose what you have
  • Communication and commitment – communicate with your realtor and then commit of to the Staging process

For more information on Staging your home, click HERE to read “The Do’s and Don’ts of Home Staging.”

Packing It Up

After decluttering and deciding what items will go with you to your new home and before Staging and listing your home, you’ll need to pack items and remove the boxes from the main living areas of your home. Yes, this takes time, energy, and supplies, but you’ve decided to move and the items need to get packed eventually. Why not start early on in the process?

Prepack items you don’t need immediately, label the boxes, and create an inventory.

Pro tip: Pack infrequently used items first such as items in your garage, basement or attic. Holiday items are also one of the first categories that can be removed and packed.

When packing boxes to keep on or off site, it’s a good idea to color code the boxes with stickers, tape, or post it notes (use clear packing tape over the post it). Decide what room in your new home the boxes will go to and color code accordingly. This will make the move smoother and quicker as well as speed up the unpacking process.   Additionally, when packing, spend a few extra minutes creating a master spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet should associate a number to each box and itemize the contents of the box. By following this system, you can easily locate items should you need them prior to your move and it will help you prioritize the order of unpacking your boxes after the move.

Spring is a great time to prep your home to sell. Although you might be feeling anxious to list as soon as possible, don’t overlook these important steps in your moving journey.   Most likely your home is your biggest asset. Taking the time to declutter and Stage® will get your home sold quickly and for top dollar. Furthermore, effective packing techniques will only make your move go more smoothly. All of these steps will help ensure that you can enjoy your next home quicker and stress free!  You’ll be home sweet home in no time!

*National Association of Realtors

**Home Staging Resource

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