October is Kitchen and Bath Month. Although we aren’t sure how this coincides with the month of October and the season of fall, we will take any opportunity to share tips on organizing these spaces. Obviously, these are spaces in our homes that are used on a daily basis and therefore keeping them organized can help with maximizing our efficiency. Furthermore, they are areas of our home that are frequently seen by visitors and guests and as a result good organization creates a more aesthetically pleasing space.

This post is short and sweet and right to the point, so you can read a quick tip on the run. But, here’s the best part! Catch our Facebook Live Video on Monday, October 29th at The Container Store! Jenny Abrams will be live on site showing the best products that help maintain kitchen and bath organization. So, read on and get the best tips for organizing these important spaces and then join us live on October 29th.


Group items by purpose and designate specific cabinets/drawers.

Arrange items in cabinets by frequency of use…everyday items should be located on lower shelves, specialty items should be higher up.

Create zones in the kitchen. For example, create a zone to store pots/pans near the stove and Tupperware/plastic wrap near the refrigerator. This will make cooking and storing food more efficient. Add a snack zone in your pantry. Keep it on a lower shelf so kids can reach it.

Keep all tools together in one drawer or in a counter crock. This will maximize food preparation. If tools are in a drawer, consider using dividers to further organize the space.

Make good use of all the handy organizational items available such as lid dividers for pots/pans/baking items, baskets and lazy susans in the pantry to group like food products together, shelf risers for cans/spices, and clear containers for cereal, flour, and sugar.

If you’re tight on space, get creative – utilize an over the pantry door organizer for added storage, a cart for more prep space, and try hanging pots and pans on a rack.


First and foremost, purge expired and unused items.

Utilize cabinet door space, basket/stacking bins, and/or a lazy susan to contain like items.

Utilize pretty lidded glass containers for cotton balls, q tips, and other every day items. Store the containers on a shelf or a two tiered tray to maximize vertical space. Clear containers also ensures you never run out of an item!

Install a shower caddy to corral shampoo, conditioner, and other shower necessities.

Tight on space? Add a free standing storage unit, a wall storage unit, and/or shelves. Also, think about storing towels in a linen closet or in bedroom closets.

Drawer dividers or plastic containers are your best friends when maintaining organization in deep drawers.



Which of these tips are most helpful for you? What will you implement in your home?

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