Have you ever wondered how much time you spend in your bathroom every day? What number would that translate to on a monthly or yearly basis? Whatever the number, it’s probably fairly high, right? What if I told you that I could give you a few tips to make your bathroom more organized so the time spent getting ready for the day and getting ready for bed was more efficient…who wouldn’t want that?! I know for me, time is precious so saving time in one place to spend somewhere else that I want to use that time makes me happy. I bet you feel the same. So, if you want to maximize your bathroom space and your efficiency, and heck, just enjoy your bathroom more, read on for my most helpful bathroom organizing strategies!

Follow the SPACE Acronym (coined by Professional Organizer Julie Morgenstern)

No matter what the space is, from garages to attics, every effective organizing project should follow five steps. The bathroom is no different. First, take everything, and I mean everything, out of from under the sink, the medicine cabinet, the countertop, and the drawers. Sort these items into similar categories such as: nail, hair, body, teeth, etc. Do not skip this step because otherwise you aren’t truly organizing, you are just rearranging your stuff. After sorting, decide what you can purge and then do so responsibly. Some items can be disposed of in the trash; however, medications or other items may need to be taken to a police station or other recycling center.

Pro tip: Use this time to edit out expired medication, old makeup, and other products that have passed their expiration. Your newly organized space deserves fresh products!

Under the Bathroom Sink “Before”
Take everything out and sort into categories.
The contents of these drawers were removed, sorted, and purged if needed.

After sorting and purging, you are ready to assign “homes” to your respective categories. Take time to think about where placing these categories makes the most sense. Do you want certain items closest to the sink? In a deep drawer? In your medicine cabinet? Or, can some of the items be combined and centralized elsewhere in your home that would make them more accessible and convenient for you? Additionally, consider the height of the items you are storing in the bathroom and where these items will thus logically fit.

Once you’ve decided where your categories should “live” in their homes, the next step is to containerize these categories. There are literally hundreds of products that you can use in a bathroom to organize everything from makeup brushes to bandaids to lotions. Try not to get overwhelmed and keep it simple. Read on below for more detailed information on maximizing space with the use of bathroom products.

The final step is to maintain your space. Whether you have your own bathroom or share with someone else, determine how often you are going to return items to their “homes,” and continue to purge items.

Pro tip: Label your drawers, bins, and other containers so items are more likely to return to their proper “home,” instead of visiting another area and becoming clutter.

Labeling ensures that the correct items return to the correct homes. “Guest” items become clutter!

Maximizing Your Space

Loose items in drawers and cabinets do not equal an organized space. When items aren’t contained, they have a tendency to move or roll around and this can be troublesome especially if you have deep cabinets and drawers. In order to avoid this problem, fit your cabinets and drawers with the proper products. Always take the time to measure the length, width, and depth of the cabinets and drawers and take into consideration the plumbing underneath the sink.

In the bathroom shown below, I used very specific products for specific reasons. In the first drawer, the container is divided into sections to corral small objects. In the second drawer, a taller container was used to maximize the depth of the drawer, which helps items stay put and together with other similar items. Think about stacking bins, pull out drawers, adding storage on to cabinet doors, and/or adding shelves/risers under the sink and in the medicine cabinet. I have another blog post located here where you can brush up on more specific and recommended products to introduce into your bathroom.

Small compartments keep small objects contained.
Use taller containers when necessary to maximize height of drawer or cabinet.

Pro tip: Whether or not you prefer an open or closed container, always use clear containers in the bathroom so you can easily see your bathroom supplies.

Creating Zones

How often you use your bathroom tools and products should determine where you “house” these items. For example, in the bathroom shown below, the client preferred makeup to be in the top drawers because these products are used on a daily basis. Additionally, her toothpaste and floss were also placed closest to the sink for twice daily use. Items that are used less frequently, such as Woolite, are stored in the back (under the sink), but still accessible through a pull out bin. This client also preferred some supplies, such as cotton balls and q tips, to be in a nearby zone to the sink, with back stock located again in the back under the sink.

The first drawer should contain the most used items.
This pull out bin contains backstock in the last section. It glides out easily on small rollers.

Pro tip: Consider which items are used at the same time, the frequency of use, and the urgency of use to create effective zones in your bathroom.

Below are a few more After pictures to show the final results from this client’s newly organized bathroom.

An “After” organized bathroom cabinet!
Organized drawers = efficient mornings and evenings!
A clutter free bathroom is possible when cabinets and drawers are well organized!

Does this give you bathroom organizing inspiration?  Are you ready to tackle your space?  If you are interested in more organizing help, check out my new Basics of Organizing Email Course here.  And, if like this post and want organizing inspirtation for other spaces in your home, click here for my recent post on how to organize your pantry!

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