Did you know that the field of professional organizing is a BILLION dollar industry?  Why you ask?  The reason is that more and more Americans and people around the world make decisions everyday to buy and keep “stuff.”  Many people buy on impulse or they buy to fulfill an unmet need in their life, or they buy because something is a “good deal.”  Many people save items for sentimental reasons or because they think they will use the item again one day or because their stuff provides security.  But, here are the startling statistics, we as a country have so much “stuff” that as a result there are more storage facilities than McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, and Subway combined!  The attached clip states that 25% of Americans cannot park a car in their garage because there is too much clutter.  Even worse, of the course of a lifetime, Americans lose a YEAR of their lives looking for lost items!

This past weekend, CBS news ran a clip that discussed the benefits of decluttering and highlighted the field of Professional Organizers.  In fact, similar to myself, one of the organizer’s in this clip has a background in social work.  Since I find many clients have an emotional attachment to their “stuff,” I have to agree that my background in social work and my love of helping others declutter go hand in hand.  I’m so proud to be a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals.  I applaud CBS for producing this clip and bringing to light the freeing feeling that an individual will have after decluttering and purging “stuff.”  Please take a look at the clip and then answer this question…is there a better time to start your decluttering project than right now?!


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