Organizing is a great idea for every day in every season! I could go on an on about all the merits of organizing and how it benefits us both short and long term. But, since it’s almost July, I wanted to focus on the organizing projects that are perfectly dedicated to the summer season. The days are longer and our schedules are a little more relaxed which affords us a can’t miss opportunity for the following projects.

Organize Your Kids’ Schoolwork, Artwork and School Supplies

The last day of school is always so exciting until your kids come home and dump everything from their locker, desk, and backpack on to your dining room table. Or maybe you have a college student that came home from school and brought the entire contents of their dorm room home with them and everything was moved back into your home. Often in the excitement of summer these items get forgotten and may not have been touched since returning home. If that is the case, July is a great time to sort through everything and decide what will be saved and how to store the items until school start again. If the items are being saved for memorabilia purposes, decide on how to best containerize the items, label the container, and set up a permanent, convenient home for the container.

Organize A Beach or Pool Bag

Have you rushed to get ready for the beach or pool only to realize you left important items behind? Grab a large bag, preferably with several pockets, and stash your towels, sunscreen, bug spray, beach/pool toys, etc. inside your bag. Using small pouches or pockets inside the bag can help you separate items to find them more quickly. Consider keeping a small bag of money for snacks in your larger bag because every mom knows that kids can’t resist popsicles and other yummy treats at the pool! What are your pool/beach bag essentials?

Organize Your Garage

Warm summer days provide the perfect opportunity to get outside to clear out and organize your garage. Pick a weekend where you have no activities or obligations scheduled and pull EVERYTHING out of the garage. Yes, your driveway will likely look like you are staging a garage sale, but this is the best way to see what you have by sorting and purging. Be prepared to purge a lot and have plenty of garbage bags on hand. Plan to spend some time reconfiguring the items that will return to the space and consider using vertical storage systems to get items off the garage floor.

Organize Your Car

This organizing project plays off of the one above. If you are going to invest the time in organizing your garage, why not organize your car too? Again, take advantage of the warmer weather to pull everything out of your car, especially the trunk, and see what’s been hiding in there all winter and spring. During the school year, our cars often become a “home” to supplies from various activities as well as sports equipment. With a break from this activity, it’s a perfect opportunity to sort, purge, and bring these items back to their original “homes.”

Organize Your Fall Schedule

Wait a second…didn’t I just say that this blog post focuses on SUMMER organizing projects?! Yes, I did, however, July is also a great time to look ahead at what activities you want to plan for the fall. These activities may be related to kids, but this could also be road trips or vacations that you want to plan or events that you need to attend. Either way, take some time to get important dates into your calendar, book airline tickets, and register you kids for activities/lessons. July 1st is  the half way marker for 2021. Think about what tasks/projects you wanted to accomplish this year and plan out how to achieve them over the next six months. Summer always goes by too fast, but by planning ahead you will thank yourself when September rolls around and you are already ahead of the game!

Looking for help with these or other organizing projects? Contact me HERE to chat! Obviously, I love organizing and summer is my favorite season, so I can’t wait to hear from you!

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